Jose Aldo’s Coach, Andre Pederneiras Tests Positive For COVID-19

Jose Aldo’s head coach and leader of the Nova União academy, Andre Pederneiras has tested positive for COVID-19.

Pederneiras, who is 53, says he is now isolating at home away from his family after finding out he contracted the virus.

“Fifteen days ago I felt chills for two nights in a row, but nothing much. My youngest son woke up with a swollen eye, and the other had diarrhea,” Pederneiras said to Brazilian outlet Combate. “I started to think that my family, even though I was at home, could have contracted the disease because I was on the street solving things at the gym, shopping and distributing food. I decided to take a test. The IGM was positive, and the IGG was negative. I have the virus but I do not have immunity yet. The same day I quarantined my room, separating myself from my family at home.”

The MMA coach was taking the virus very seriously. He closed down his gym and was using his time to help out people in need.

His pupil in Jose Aldo was supposed to fight Henry Cejudo for the bantamweight title on May 9. But, due to the pandemic, the event was canceled. Aldo lost his title shot and has not been booked since. Who he will fight when he returns is unknown at this time.