Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Mark Hunt Rips UFC Over Henry Cejudo’s Retirement

Former UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt continues to rip the promotion he once worked for.

Hunt has made it clear that he isn’t a fan of how the UFC brass treats its fighters. Hunt once sued UFC president Dana White and Brock Lesnar over a UFC 200 bout back in July 2016. Hunt accused the UFC of knowing that Lesnar was taking PEDs ahead of the fight. The case ended up being thrown out but Hunt is planning to sue the promotion again.

Mark Hunt Slams UFC Over Cejudo’s Retirement

Speaking to, Hunt said Henry Cejudo‘s retirement is a prime example of how stingy the UFC is with fighter pay.

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about and I know this stuff because I was in it,” Hunt said. “I never got the title but if I did I would’ve been exactly like Henry Cejudo and the rest of them – speaking my mind and telling I want more. When you’re a top-end prize-fighter or world champion you don’t need to ask more. If that was a boxing champion do you think they would be asking for more? No! Like I said, they’re not sharing the entire revenue, they (fighters) are only getting a small percentage and that’s totally wrong.

“These fighters should be getting paid accordingly and they’re not and you can see that by guys like a world champion, Triple C, Henry Cejudo saying ‘I need more money.’ Why is that Henry? Is there something wrong? ‘Yeah, because I’m not getting my worth. I’m not getting what I’m supposed to be getting.’”

Cejudo did tell reporters following his TKO win over Dominick Cruz that the UFC knows his asking price to keep fighting. Lately, Cejudo has been taking aim at 21-year-old boxing sensation Ryan Garcia. Many believe this is Cejudo’s attempt at a big payday.

Hunt also threw a verbal jab at White, calling the UFC boss a “d*ckhead” for “trying to rip everyone off.”

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