Ryan Garcia Wants to Lure Henry Cejudo Out of Retirement

WBC champion Ryan Garcia may be pulling Henry Cejudo out of retirement. Cejudo, who defended his bantamweight title against Dominick Cruz at UFC 249 last weekend, announced his retirement after his victory. For some reason, a feud on social media between the two began and it could be worthwhile for both combat sports competitors in a climate where fans are thirsting for sports.

Garcia recently addressed a potential match up with Cejudo in a recent interview with TMZ. Garcia said, “He got very disrespectful in my honest opinion and you know I came at him in a respectful way but you know; he came at me in a disrespectful way. So, in that regard that needs to be handled.” Garcia posed a question on whether or not Cejudo could give him a good match in the boxing ring and Cejudo replied; “Get the hell out of here you Oscar De La Hoya wannabe. I’d make you bend the knee in your own sport!”

Cejudo tagged UFC President Dana White in his post who helped promote Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. back in 2017, so it is certainly not anything that has not been done before. Garcia said he needs an opponent for July 4, and Mayweather vs. McGregor happened as a big summer event so it’s not a bad idea. Granted, the marketability of one pair is very different from the other but these are trying times for making matches.

Garcia knows that Cejudo would need the blessing of White to make it happen but said, “If Dana’s not serious about it I’ll hit up Tom [Brady].” Garcia said that Brady is a partial owner of the UFC and believes that Brady could influence White to go down the road to boxing again with one of his UFC champions. Garcia also said he would return the favor by doing an MMA fight after, but the boxing match would have to be first.

It seems like Garcia called out Cejudo first though, doesn’t it?