Tyron Woodley Plans To Take Gilbert Burns Into Deep Waters & Drown Him

Tyron Woodley doesn’t believe Gilbert Burns will be able to hang with him for five rounds.

In the main event of UFC Apex this Saturday, Woodley will return for the first time in 14 months since losing his welterweight title against the surging contender in Gilbert Burns. It’s a very interesting fight, but “The Chosen One” is confident he’ll get his hand raised.

“This fight in particular with Gilbert Burns is, I’m confident because of who I am and what I’m doing,” Woodley told MMA Junkie Radio. “I’m aware of what he does, I’m aware of how he is. He’s got a nice little left hook, uppercut, got some knees and flying knees, kicks and punches and calf kicks. I haven’t really seen much different from him. I’ve seen his style, and I’ve kind of gotten it broken down, but the element of surprise is a motherf****r.

“When you start doing stuff they don’t expect you to do, that’s what I think he won’t be prepared for. He won’t be prepared to get exhausted and drained, and I wanted this. I had the option to fight this fight in a three-round fight, and I wanted a five-round fight because he ain’t never fought five rounds before, not in the UFC, not to my knowledge.”

Headlining a card is also nothing new for Woodley. For Burns, this will be the first time being in a five-round main event. The Chosen One, has gone the full 25 minutes four times in his career. So, he knows what it takes to go five rounds and plans on taking the Brazilian into deep waters.

“So three rounds, starting off strong or loafing in the beginning to finish strong is not going to work, is not going to work in a five-round fight,” Woodley said, “That’s what my goal is. Just take him in that deep water and just trying to drown him.”