Tyron Woodley Vows to Make Gilbert Burns Rethink Asking For Match

Tyron Woodley may have been away from the cage for over a year but he has been on a quest to fashion a better version of himself for a return. The return is only days away when he faces Gilbert Burns at the UFC Apex on May 30, it is a fight that Burns has asked for and for Woodley, he is looking to remind Burns of the old adage that says, “be careful what you wish for.”

That is something Woodley told TMZ when speaking about the fight, and what he has been doing since his loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 that cost him the title. That fight was in March of 2019 and while Woodley has not fought since he has been preparing for his return. “People always remember your last outing,” said Woodley and that, “It’s been so long ago, you know it’s time to remind them.”

Woodley also knows that Burns has done a lot of media and posts on social regarding their match up and said that, “This is going to be a clear case of someone asking for something they didn’t really know they were asking for.” He added that come fight night, he will be the one talking during the fight and pushing the action. With the way events have gone on recently for the UFC, the audio during the action has been something new for both fans and fighters.

Woodley believes not having fans in the arena will be beneficial for him and those watching. “When I walk in there, sometimes you don’t hear what’s going on,” Woodley said of his past fights. He says he talks during most of his fights, “Like I’m talking to everybody I’m fighting in the Octagon, but this time you’ll hear it. You’ll hear what I’m saying to him.”

Woodley knows Burns’ strength lies in his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and even said that is certainly Burns’ key to winning the fight but with the preparation he has done, he feels more than ready to fight next weekend.

Are you looking forward to Woodley’s return?