UFC Boss Dana White Slams ‘D*ckhead’ Bob Arum

UFC president Dana White wasn’t about to hold his tongue with Bob Arum’s recent comments.

Over the years, White and Arum have been going back-and-forth with verbal shots. When the UFC was on its rise, Arum, who is a longtime boxing promoter, trashed the sport of MMA. One time while being interviewed by Ariel Helwani, Arum likened MMA to bar fighting between “skin headed white guys.”

Dana White Rips Bob Arum For Recent Comments

With the UFC planning its return this Saturday night (May 9) amid the COVID-19 crisis, Arum has been critical of White’s insistence on running shows at this time. During an appearance on UFC Unfiltered, White didn’t hold back when addressing Arum’s comments (h/t MMAJunkie.com).

“Listen, I think by now everybody realizes that Bob Arum is a d*ckhead,” White said. “This guy has been talking (expletive) about the UFC and me for 20 years. He’s (expletive) bankrupt this guy. He’s bankrupt. Of course you don’t want to put fights on. You can’t afford to put fights on you (expletive) jackoff. You’ve been in this thing your whole life and have completely destroyed the business and the sport. Congratulations, Bob Arum. You’re brilliant.”

White was planning to launch Zuffa Boxing in the future but he recently had a bleak outlook on that venture. The UFC boss claimed that the sport has been gutted so badly that he doesn’t know if he can make the mark he wants to. Many believe this is simply White not being able to have control of his boxers the way he does in the UFC.