UFC Color Commentator Joe Rogan Discusses Massive Spotify Deal

Joe Rogan has weighed in on his big money deal with Spotify.

The Joe Rogan Experience has garnered massive success in the world of podcasting. Viewers are used to watching the show live on YouTube but changes are coming. JRE will be making its way to Spotify on Sept. 1. Before 2020 comes to a close, JRE will be exclusive to Spotify.

Joe Rogan Talks Spotify Deal

While Rogan hasn’t revealed the specifics of the deal, Wall Street Journal reports that it’s worth over $100 million. During an interview with The New York Times, Rogan admitted that talking about how lucrative the deal is feels awkward due to the current circumstances globally.

“It feels gross. Especially right now, when people can’t work.”

Rogan went on to say that he feels it’s easier to not restrict himself on a podcast then being a host for a network television show.

“I would imagine on a show like Seth Meyers there’s a bunch of other opinions involved. Right or wrong, in podcasting you’re getting that very pure, individual perspective,” Rogan said. “On my show, it’s my opinion and the guest’s opinion. That’s it. On network, it’s a focus-group collective idea of what people are going to like or not like. You don’t get anything wild. You don’t get anything that will get you fired.”

“Podcasting is all freeballing,” he added. “It’s the opposite of polished. And because of that, it resonates.”

Many have praised Rogan for not mincing his words. On his podcast and in the booth for UFC bouts, it’s rare to catch Rogan holding his tongue. Whether people agree with him on a topic or not, Rogan will often express his viewpoint. Rogan has also gained respect for revisiting subjects and admitting when he believes he was wrong.