UFC President Dana White Plans To Live On Fight Island In July

UFC president Dana White is all in on “Fight Island,” so much so that he plans to live there for a month.

The UFC boss is securing a private island for international fight cards. With travel restrictions put in place globally due to the coronavirus pandemic, the UFC has made great strides to adjust and keep business going. Fans aren’t expected to be allowed into sporting events anytime soon but the UFC will keep trucking along.

Dana White Set To Live On Fight Island In July

Speaking to ESPN, White revealed that his time will be spent on Fight Island throughout all of July (via MMAJunkie).

“People are very intrigued by ‘Fight Island,’ and I’m excited for it,” White said. “Right now we’re looking at June, and we’re literally gonna knock out three or four (events) there in a month. And I’m gonna stay on the island for a month. I’ll probably be there the whole month of July.” 

White went on to say that everyone wants to know where Fight Island is.

“You know what’s hilarious about you asking me that question right now: Literally this morning when I was driving to work, I was talking to Ari, and Ari goes, ‘How many people a day ask you where Fight Island is?’” White said. “I guess people are blowing him up, asking where ‘Fight Island’ is.”

Time will tell which fights will be booked for the island. Once those details become available, we’ll keep you up to speed.

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