Friday, August 19, 2022

Ali Abdelaziz Upset With ‘Cowards’ Bashing Former UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva

Ali Abdelaziz is not happy with former fighter basing former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

Recently, fighters like Eddie Alvarez, Brendan Schaub, and countless others have revealed their ‘horror’ stories of dealing with the former matchmaker. Yet, for Abdelaziz, he says all those stories are not true as Silva was a good man.

“I see a lot of things about Joe Silva, and it’s not true,” Abdelaziz told MMA Junkie. “Joe Silva, yes, he was too honest for some of these cowards, and I think it’s very cowardly when a man is no longer even with the company and people come out and talk (expletive) about him.

“The thing is, if you have a problem with Joe Silva, that’s fine. Why didn’t you go public when he was there? Why didn’t you do it? Sean Shelby, too. I talk (expletive) to Sean Shelby all the time. I say it in his face, and he talks (expletive) to me, too. I’m man enough to go to him.”

Ali Abdelaziz also thinks a lot of blame is on fighters and their management for not getting betters deals with Joe Silva. He says he never had any bad encounters with the former matchmaker as he and Silva talked to each other straight even if it was brutally honest.

For now, it wouldn’t be surprising if more fighters come up with their own stories of dealing with Silva. Yet, according to Abdelaziz, most of those are false.

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