Amanda Nunes Believes She Had COVID-19: ‘I Never Felt The Way I Did’

Amanda Nunes believes she had contracted the novel coronavirus.

Nunes and her partner, Nina Ansaroff took a trip to Las Vegas at the beginning of the pandemic and believes she contracted the virus. The UFC bantamweight and featherweight champion says she has never been that sick before and was bedridden for a couple of days.

“I was at a convention in Vegas. There were people from all over the world. I was exposed to a lot of people while I was there. When I got home, I was sick. I had the same symptoms as the coronavirus,” Nunes said to Combate. “Now that I’m headed to a UFC card, I’ll know for sure. When I got back from the trip, I went straight to bed, I had a fever, my body really ached. I never felt like that before.”

“I’ve been sick before, but I never felt the way I did when I got back from Vegas after the convention.” Nunes continued. “Then I got sick, I was bedridden for two, three days, and later on Nina caught it and got sick, too. So I believe I had a fast case of coronavirus, but now I’ll know if I really had it. I should be immune now, right? Once you get it, you’re immune, I read something along those lines. Then I’ll really know.”

Amanda Nunes is set to defend her featherweight title in the main event of UFC 250 this Saturday night against Felicia Spencer.