Cody Garbrandt Claims He’s Corrected His Errors & Is Ready ‘To Take The Throne Again’

Cody Garbrandt believes he’s fixed his mistakes and is ready to become a world champion again.

Garbrandt is currently on a three-fight losing streak where he has not fought since March of 2019. Since then, he’s been healing up his injuries and working on improving his game.

Now, in the co-main event of UFC 250, “No Love” returns to battle Raphael Assuncao. It is an intriguing fight where Garbrandt is confident he has what it takes to get his hand raised.

“When I’m on, no one in the world can beat me,” Garbrandt said to MMAFighting. “I truly believe I’ve corrected a lot of my errors that I needed to correct. When I’m at peace with myself, I can cause a lot of chaos inside that Octagon because I know that my life is good, it’s in order and I can let that savagery out in the octagon and that’s what I’m prepared to do.”

Garbrandt has spent time with Mark Henry in the lead-up to this fight against Assuncao. Should No Love get his hand raised, he would be right back in the mix for a title shot.

So, No Love believes his UFC 250 scrap will be the beginning of him reclaiming his bantamweight crown.

“I’ve battled my demons. I’m here to take the throne again. Whoever that is when my time comes for another title shot, I’ll be ready,” he concluded. “I’m going to capitalize on it. I’m going to hold onto this title until it’s time to walk away from this sport.”