Colby Covington Says Jon Jones Is No Hero For Taking Spray Cans From Protesters

Colby Covington isn’t sold on Jon Jones being a hero.

Tensions are high in America over the death of George Floyd. Protests have been taking place, some peacefully and others violently. A video revealed that Jones took spray cans from two protesters out in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Covington is convinced that this was simply Jones’ attempt to look good in the public eye.

Covington Slams Jones, Believes His Act Was Self-Serving

Covington made an appearance on Submission Radio. On the show, “Chaos” explained why he isn’t about to recognize the UFC light heavyweight champion as a hero (h/t

“The funniest thing about the Jon Jones thing is that he just conveniently has a camera set up right as he’s stealing some spray cans from two protesters and rioters in the street,” Covington said. “I think it’s just hilarious how fake he is and now he’s trying to act like he’s a babyface hero? Dude you’re a scumbag, you were just shooting guns and getting a DUI last week. Where were you at when the cops were there? You were just wrapping a Bentley around a poll with two hookers in the back while your wife and kids were at home. All the steroids you’ve done, all the cocaine you’ve done, man, you’re not a good guy, you’re not a hero Jon, stop trying to act like you’re a hero.”

Covington hasn’t been shy in ruffling the feathers of Jones. The two were once roommates in college. “Chaos” has hurled nasty digs at Jones, which includes mentioning his drug use and DUI arrests. Jones has fired back at Covington, calling him a “rotten individual.”

The war of words will likely lead to nowhere unless these two run into each other outside the Octagon. Covington is a top-ranked welterweight, which is 170 pounds. Jones is the reigning UFC 205-pound champion, who recently expressed interest in a move to the heavyweight division.

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