Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Daniel Cormier Not A Fan Of Jon Jones vs. Mike Tyson

Former UFC “champ-champ” Daniel Cormier has no interest in seeing Jon Jones take on Mike Tyson.

Jones is the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion. He’s currently in his second run with the 205-pound gold, although he was never beaten for the title during his first reign. Jones is one of the most dominant champions the sport of MMA has ever seen. Over on the boxing side, Tyson is regarded as one of the most terrifying heavyweights in boxing history and he also snagged gold during his prime.

Cormier Not Sold On Jones vs. Tyson

During an online chat, Tyson recently said that in order for Jones to get a massive payday, he’ll need to share the boxing ring with him. Jones responded by saying he’d gladly fight Tyson in a boxing match as long as he agrees to a UFC bout as well. Speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Cormier made it clear that he has no interest in seeing this bout in any form.

“Really? That’s crazy. It’s odd. Even hearing that it’s kinda odd. Like even hearing the whole interaction between the two is odd, so I’m just gonna ignore it. No sell. You know how they say you no-sold something? I’m no-selling this thing. I’m no-selling this thing right into the garbage can [laughs].”

Cormier did go on to say that he understands why Jones would jump at the chance to fight Tyson but he still doesn’t like the idea.

“I think Mike was just talking. Mike’s just talking. Look man, I think when you’re in front of a camera like that and you’re just doing these things, like sometimes you just talk. And you’re just talking and talking and talking. And I think that’s one of those times where Mike was just talking. The reality is though, in order for Jones to make those types of dollars he’s gonna have to go fight a guy like that in boxing and get a boxing type of contract. So it’s not wrong, you know what I’m saying? He’s not wrong, so yeah, still not interested in it.”

Jones has been airing out his issues with the UFC. The light heavyweight kingpin was none too pleased with the UFC’s unwillingness to bump up his pay for a potential move to heavyweight. This led to a war of words with UFC president Dana White. It got heated enough to the point where Jones threatened to vacate the UFC light heavyweight title and sit at home until a satisfactory offer is presented.

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