Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Eddie Hearn Inspired by Dana White’s Pandemic Playbook

Eddie Hearn has never been shy about his admiration for Dana White and the UFC. While he has teased coming into MMA in the past, right now Matchroom Boxing has been on hold due to the pandemic while the UFC has been moving forward. Hearn likes what White is doing a lot and he had an opportunity to discuss both boxing and MMA promotion with White on his podcast, along with former WBC Cruiserweight Champion, Tony Bellew recently.

From Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube Channel

Hearn got to hear some positive notes back from White when they discussed boxing promotion. When Hearn told White he was glad White never had anything bad to say about him, White said that the difference between Hearn and promoters like Bob Arum was that Hearn is, “not a douchebag.” Hearn said that there is a negative energy in the sport of boxing and Bellew believes it may be due to an outdated mentality by promoters on how to grow the sport. 

“It’s like they despise anybody bringing something new to the table, Bellew said and added, “They despise anyone bringing new ideas, different incentives into the sport.” Hearn and Matchroom Boxing seem to be doing something right as recently, a two-fight deal was agreed upon between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury in the future. But with both boxing and the UFC making a return, Hearn looks to be as aggressive as the UFC in bringing back Matchroom promoted events.

“I already showed you that it can be done,” White told Hearn, “It can be done safely, I got a 30-page document that I can send you to show you how you can pull this off safely with no issues with the Commission.” He also said to Hearn that now is the time for combat sports to explode and Hearn, inspired by White’s comments said, “You’ve given me the inspiration to smash this boxing world.”  

The podcast was done on June 3, and the announcement about Joshua vs. Fury came soon after. With the praise both promoters have shown each other, should fans expect something from Matchroom Boxing and the UFC in the future?

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