Former UFC Champion Henry Cejudo Details DMT Experience With Mike Tyson

Henry Cejudo had quite the experience with boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Cejudo appears to be enjoying life post-fighting. The man who calls himself “Triple C” announced his retirement after successfully defending the UFC bantamweight championship against Dominick Cruz on May 9. Cejudo walked away from the sport of MMA having held the UFC bantamweight and flyweight titles.

Henry Cejudo Shares DMT Experience With Mike Tyson

Cejudo and Tyson have grown chummy through “Iron” Mike’s manager. “Triple C” also heard Tyson talk about DMT, which is a psychedelic drug. Cejudo appeared on the JRE MMA show and told Joe Rogan about the experience (h/t Heavy).

“So I’m seeing Mike over here twisting and turning and talking about a lot of, I don’t want to share that stuff, but talking about a lot of his past, man.”

Cejudo said the drug brings out your inner demons, so oftentimes, someone taking DMT will air out personal feelings that have been hiding inside of them for a long time. Cejudo discussed how the drug took effect on him personally.

“It showed me…almost like in a movie, you know, how I was born, how my mom had me, how by the time I was 8 years old I had my sister so I was no longer the youngest…how my mom…somewhat pushed me to the side, leaving home at the age of 17 and substituting my mom’s love for self-fulfillment, wrestling.”

The door on Cejudo’s fighting future may not be completely closed. “Triple C” has been calling for a lucrative boxing match with 21-year-old sensation Ryan Garcia. Cejudo has also said he could be lured out of retirement if given a UFC featherweight title opportunity.

As for Tyson, he’s planning to make a comeback in the world of boxing. “Iron” Mike plans to compete in exhibition matches for charity. Reports have claimed that Tyson turned down an $18 million offer to fight Wanderlei Silva under the BKFC banner.