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Former UFC Champion Vitor Belfort Hopes For Stronger Safety Measures In MMA

Vitor Belfort feels some changes are in order to beef up safety measures in MMA.

With 41 pro MMA bouts and counting on his resume, Belfort knows all too well what it’s like to do battle. “The Phenom” has mixed it up with elite-level fighters and even captured UFC gold along the way. With 18 knockout wins under his belt, there’s no doubt that Belfort has what many call the “killer instinct,” but he says he fights to win, not to injure his opponents.

Vitor Belfort Seeks Stronger Safety Measures In MMA

Belfort, who is now signed with ONE Championship, spoke to He expressed his desire to see certain techniques banned from pro competition as he believes they can cause permanent damage. One such technique Belfort refers to is Jon Jones‘ oblique kick.

“The most important thing is, how about the injuries of the ligaments?” Belfort said. “The stomp kicks. What that kick does? That kick is to win a fight or is it to injure your opponent? I’m looking for the safety of my athlete. He can have longevity not when he’s fighting, but when he’s finished fighting, he can walk good, he can have a healthy life. The object of the fight is for the other guy to win either by submission or by knockout or by an aggressive attack, good offense. Everybody loves football because they’re looking for offense, but also a good defense that is becoming offense as well. It’s always attack, defense, attack, defense. Every sport is like that.”

Belfort also expressed his belief that Thiago Santos has been sidelined for almost a year due to Jones’ oblique kicks. It isn’t clear if Belfort’s claim is true. Santos fell short in his bid to capture the UFC light heavyweight gold after losing to Jones via split decision back in July 2019.

Belfort fought Jones back in Sept. 2012. “The Phenom” nearly pulled off a massive upset when he locked up an armbar early in the fight. “Bones” eventually got out of the tight hold and submitted Belfort in the second round.

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