Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Gina Carano Reacts To Nude Pic Being Removed From Instagram

Gina Carano is none too pleased with Instagram’s decision to remove her nude pic.

Carano set the Internet ablaze when she posted the pic over the weekend. Many feel she did so in tasteful fashion, quoting late legendary singer Prince. Carano is clearly in agreement that “freedom is sexy,” but Instagram felt it was a bit too sexy.

Gina Carano Fires Back Over Instagram Deleting Her Pic

Carano hopped on her Twitter account to make it clear that she does not appreciate having her image removed and felt she didn’t break any of Instagram’s rules.

“So that’s what it’s like to be censored for no reason. Pic was taken down by Instagram. There’s much more important news today but that was some classic bullsh*t. The whole post was about freedom of expression. Violating zero rules. Ironic. Feels like I graduated. Thanks Karen.”

While Carano received a bevy of support for the nude pic, not everyone shared in that enthusiasm. Former MMA fighter and renowned coach Renzo Gracie expressed his belief that Carano should leave her clothes on as her beauty already speaks for itself. He also said Carano didn’t need to entertain “sex pics.”

Carano has made a name for herself in the world of Hollywood but she is also a pioneer of women’s MMA. In fact, she was once considered to be the face of women in the sport. Her popularity topped other female MMA fighters who came before her and many felt Carano would break down barriers. It’s fair to say that Carano got her foot in the door, while Ronda Rousey later came in and kicked the door down.

UFC president Dana White tried making Carano vs. Rousey a reality at the height of “Rowdy’s” dominant bantamweight run. Carano felt she was being rushed into making a decision and decided against dealing with the UFC.

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