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Joe Rogan Discusses Being A UFC Color Commentator For 18 Years

Joe Rogan has been a UFC color commentator for nearly two decades.

While Rogan made his first UFC appearance as a backstage interviewer in early 1997, he didn’t enter the booth until 2002. It’s a position he still holds today. Rogan has seen many come and go as far as their time with the UFC is concerned, including his former broadcast partner Mike Goldberg.

Joe Rogan Talks 18 Years As UFC Color Commentator

Rogan took to his Instagram account to reflect on his time in the booth nearly hitting two decades.

“18 years ago today I did my first commentary for @UFC. I’ve had some really fucking cool jobs in my life, but being a commentator for the greatest sport in the world is very high on that list. Thank you to @danawhite for talking me into doing it, @goldieontv for being my brother for life, and all the amazing people I’ve been so lucky to work with there! And a huge thank you to all the fans of the sport for the love and support over the years!!”

Rogan has scaled back on his UFC appearances over the years. You won’t see him on duty for ESPN and ESPN+ cards. It’s also unlikely that Rogan appears in the booth for international cards. Still, fans can’t mistake his voice when the UFC is on pay-per-view in the United States.

When he isn’t in the booth for UFC events, Rogan is enjoying massive success in the world of podcasting. Rogan’s JRE podcast has grown significantly over the years and touches on a slew of current events. While Rogan discusses MMA on the show, he also has the JRE MMA Show to ensure that the sport is the main focus. Rogan recently signed a massive deal with Spotify reportedly worth over $100 million.

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