Thursday, August 18, 2022

Michael Bisping Wants To See Amanda Nunes vs. Claressa Shields

Count Michael Bisping as a fan of having a crossover fight between UFC “champ-champ” Amanda Nunes and WBC and WBO women’s light middleweight champion Claressa Shields.

Talks of a fantasy matchup between Nunes and Shields have been thrown out to the wild for over a year. It all began when Shields sparred with Cris Cyborg ahead of UFC 232 back in Dec. 2018. Shields considers Cyborg to be a friend and expressed frustration as she felt Cyborg abandoned technique in the standup in favor of a wild exchange in her meeting with Nunes. “The Lioness” ended up winning the fight in under a minute via knockout to capture the UFC women’s featherweight title.

Bisping In Favor Of Nunes vs. Shields

On a recent edition of his Believe You Me podcast, Bisping admitted he’s actually intrigued by a potential showdown between Nunes and Shields.

“I would like to see a crossover fight, and I think there was a little tease of this, with her and Claressa Shields, the professional boxer. Claressa Shields vs. Amanda Nunes in another McGregor-Mayweather style crossover fight. That’d be pretty interesting.”

The UFC Hall of Famer went on to explain why such a matchup holds his interest.

“The problem for Nunes now is she is so dominant that you’ve gotta start thinking outside of the box. Maybe I’m out of my mind. Far be it from me to tell Dana what to do in promoting. He knows that business inside and out. He’s the best promoter that there’s ever been. I don’t know, you start to run out of options cause Amanda Nunes just takes everybody out of there.”

Shields has expressed her desire to fight Nunes but she admits transitioning to MMA would have a steep learning curve. As for Nunes, she has said she doesn’t feel the need to make the jump to boxing but is interested in fighting Shields under MMA rules.

UFC president Dana White did admit that he had interest in working with Shields. The key thing to note here is that White made that comment when he was still trying to get Zuffa Boxing off the ground. Fast forward to mid-2020 and White’s boxing venture appears to be bleak. Whether or not Zuffa Boxing’s latest status will impact potential dealings with Shields remains to be seen.

Do you have any interest in seeing Amanda Nunes vs. Claressa Shields?

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