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Mike Perry On Jackson-Wink MMA: ‘People Wanna Give Credit Where Credit Ain’t Due’

Mike Perry believes people gave Jackson-Wink MMA undeserving credit for his performance against Paul Felder.

Back in July 2018, Perry had his first fight under the renowned Jackson-Wink MMA team. Perry turned in a stellar performance and while he took the split decision, many agreed that the one judge who scored the fight for Felder was way off base. At the time, many credited the camp switch for Perry’s showing but “Platinum” strongly disagrees.

Mike Perry Addresses Time Spent At Jackson-Wink MMA

Perry didn’t stay long at Jackson-Wink following his submission loss to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Appearing on UFC Unfiltered, Perry set the record straight on his time with the Albuquerque-based gym.

“People wanna give credit where credit ain’t due. I ain’t been at Jackson-Wink for the longest time and that’s all people seem to remember and talk about. ‘Mike Perry has been at Jackson-Wink,’ no I haven’t. I haven’t been there in a year and a half, two years. And when I first went and I fought Paul Felder, you think they showed me something in two months? No, I fought Paul Felder based on what I already had. And then when I fought ‘Cowboy,’ that was time that I had been there. Between four to six months I had been there training.”

Perry went on to say that he felt he was set up with the Cerrone bout. “Platinum” said he was chummy with “Cowboy” before it became a feud between Cerrone and Jackson-Wink MMA. Perry expressed his belief that he was a scapegoat of sorts in the rivalry when he truly didn’t care about representing Jackson-Wink.

Perry recently made headlines with his decision to only have his girlfriend in his corner for UFC on ESPN 12. The decision certainly didn’t have a negative impact on Perry’s performance. “Platinum” snapped a two-fight skid by defeating Mickey Gall via unanimous decision.

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