Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mike Perry Says Fans Should Expect a Knockout Saturday

Mike Perry faces Mickey Gall this weekend at UFC on ESPN 12. Regardless of any changes, he has made in his training, camp, or personal life, his prediction for this one is the same as he always predicts, a knockout. 

During today’s virtual media day, Perry fielded questions about the matchup. Many were the standard of preparation, weight, and the like. One thing that seems different this time is having his girlfriend in his corner this weekend. Outside of that, his preparation hasn’t been any different. 

Perry told MMA Junkie, “I can’t say it was much different than any training camp I’ve ever had.” He listed the standard roadwork and diet fighters do, a trip to Texas for training as well as Florida. “I had some training partners and some bodies to work with that were down to listen and do it my way,” Perry said. 

As far as how he stacks up against Mickey Gall, Perry says to expect a knockout. “Imma knock his ass out. I’m going to knock Mickey Gall out.”

Gall has said he is a fan of Perry, but also commented that his skills have “regressed”. To that, Perry just said, “Let’s keep it simple, bro. We’re getting paid. There ain’t nothing to it but to do it, man. What can I say? I’m sure he’s trained hard. Good for you, bud.” He also said, “Y’all have a good life. Be healthy. Eat another salad. That’s gonna fix your broken jaw that you get this Saturday.”

Of Perry’s six losses, he had only been submitted once when he lost to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Gall has shown that his strength lies in his grappling, so the matchup looks like the classic grappler versus striker category. Outside of Perry’s unique approach to this fight, it truly could go either way. 

Who do you think wins Saturday?

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