Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Mike Tyson Reportedly Declines $18 Million Offer To Fight Wanderlei Silva

Boxing legend Mike Tyson reportedly turned down a massive offer to fight Wanderlei Silva.

Tyson has the world of combat sports buzzing with his planned return. “Iron” Mike Tyson plans to return to boxing in exhibition matches for charity. Tyson dazzled many with videos of him hitting the pads as he looks to have incredible power, footwork, and speed for the age of 53.

Mike Tyson Reportedly Turns Down BKFC Offer

Citing Spanish newspaper Marca, Tyson has reportedly turned down an $18 million offer to fight Silva. Here’s what Silva’s coach Rafael Cordeiro told Marca (via Combate).

“Tyson is getting ready to do a boxing match with gloves,” said Rafael Cordeiro.

Silva had told Sherdog that he accepted a $10 million offer to fight Tyson under the BKFC banner.

“They offered me $10 million plus pay-per-view percentage and I accepted immediately. I hope Feldman can make it happen,” said Silva, who at 43 years old is a decade younger than Tyson.”

“The Axe Murderer” won’t be fighting anytime soon. That’s because he recently suffered a broken foot after being hit by a car while cycling. Silva says he probably wouldn’t have survived if he wasn’t wearing his helmet.

Tyson certainly isn’t short on options. While he may have turned down an offer from BKFC, he has cashed in on appearances for top American wrestling promotion AEW. During one episode of AEW Dynamite, Tyson made his way down to the ring along with UFC Hall of Famer Rashad Evans, Henry Cejudo, and Vitor Belfort.

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