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Tim Sylvia Critical Of UFC Over Not Helping With Expenses For 2004 Arm Injury

Tim Sylvia is dealing with lingering effects from his 2004 arm break and he says the UFC won’t help with expenses.

Back in 2004, Sylvia had a heavyweight title bout against Frank Mir under the UFC banner. Mir locked in an armbar and referee Herb Dean stopped the fight. While Sylvia didn’t tap, his arm popped so Mir was awarded the heavyweight championship. Sylvia had a broken arm, and while the UFC paid for his initial surgery, there are lingering issues.

Tim Sylvia Says UFC Won’t Help Cover Expenses For Lingering Issues

Unfortunately for Sylvia, he has been dealing with some lasting effects from the arm break. Screws have protruded from his arm and he has been dealing with an infection that could reach the bone if left without medical care. Sylvia expressed his frustration with the UFC for not helping cover the expenses this time during an interview with MMAFighting.

“At least help,” Sylvia told MMA Fighting on Friday. “Pay half of it. I don’t care. Just give me $10,000, and I’ll pay the first $10,000 and I’ll put it back in the bank and pay my bills and stuff.

“It’s tough doing a GoFundMe, because I have probably $14,000, $15,000 in the bank,” Sylvia said. “But once this surgery happens, my bank account is empty, and I have bills and mortgages and car payments, and I have a son. That’s the situation we’re at.”

Sylvia doesn’t have medical insurance. His doctor recommended a second corrective surgery. Sylvia claims his doctor reached out to the UFC to see if the promotion would cover his medical expenses as part of a workman’s comp claim. The UFC denied this request as Sylvia is no longer on the promotion’s roster.

This doesn’t sit well with Sylvia as he feels the UFC plays favorites, even when it comes to health. He believes that had Chuck Liddell been dealing with this issue, the UFC would’ve covered his expenses.

Sylvia’s fiancee has set up a GoFundMe page. As of this writing, $14,746 of the $20,000 goal has been reached.

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