UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz Aims To Become A Police Officer

Tito Ortiz is planning to become a police officer or sheriff as he claims cops are the “good guys.”

Ortiz hasn’t truly walked away from the sport of MMA despite retiring numerous times. When he’s finally ready to hang up his gloves for good, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” wants to be a first responder. Ortiz’s goal is to “help bring respect back to officers” in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests.

Tito Ortiz Talks Wanting To Be A Police Officer Or Sheriff

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Ortiz claimed that he would be doing right by the United States of America by becoming a police officer or sheriff (h/t MMAMania).

“I plan on it,” Ortiz told TMZ Sports about becoming a police officer. “It just depends on what ranking I want to do. Do I want to be a sheriff or do I want to be a police officer? I haven’t really made my decision yet. I’m actually going to go to L.A. in the next few days and go do a ride-along with one of my friends. I’ll be fighting one more time this year. I want to hang ’em up, but, I want to do something else that will not just keep that excitement going but just do what’s right for the country. Do what’s right for the city, for my city.”

The death of George Floyd has left many enraged around the world. Derek Chauvin, who was on duty for the Minnesota Police Department, was caught kneeling on Floyd, who kept saying he couldn’t breathe. Floyd ended up passing away and Chauvin was arrested.

Ortiz posted a video on social media with a theory in Floyd’s death. He doesn’t believe Chauvin’s actions caused Floyd’s death and even went as far as to say a stunt double was arrested rather than Chauvin himself.

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