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UFC President Dana White Slams Media Over Conor McGregor Headlines

UFC president Dana White is not happy with the media over headlines made about his recent comments on Conor McGregor.

McGregor has expressed frustration with the UFC. The “Notorious” one has said he doesn’t agree with the promotion’s decision to hold off on the UFC lightweight title unification bout until September. He’s also said the UFC is going against anything he’s suggested.

Dana White Goes Off On Media Over Conor McGregor Headlines

White responded to McGregor’s gripes by saying the former UFC “champ-champ” had a chance to replace Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov should one of them had been unable to make it to their bout. Nurmagomedov couldn’t travel, so Justin Gaethje got the spot and defeated Ferguson at UFC 249.

The UFC boss’ issue with the media were some of the headlines he saw on his comments. White went off during the UFC on ESPN 10 media scrum.

“The bullsh*t that I have read this week. I started scrolling through, ‘Dana White rips Conor McGregor,” what? When did I f*cking rip Conor McGregor? The media is so full of sh*t and the f*cking headlines are such f*cking bullsh*t. It’s unbelievable. You literally can’t believe anything you read.”

White went on to say that McGregor was never offered a last-minute fight, rather he was given the opportunity to be a replacement opponent before the coronavirus pandemic took its toll on the UFC business.

“Never did Conor turn down a last-minute fight. He told us way before that that he was out of the fight and we never even asked him again. So I do one interview where I’m explaining on the radio how this happened and all these idiots writing stories that I ripped him and that I said he wouldn’t take the fight and everything else. It’s all bullsh*t, absolute bullsh*t. And the only thing that was stupider than the f*cking stories that they wrote was the headlines that they put on it.”

With Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje not happening until September, McGregor will have to wait a while to get another UFC title opportunity. That is, of course, if he decides to ditch retirement plans. Just after the main event of UFC 250, McGregor took to Twitter to claim he is done with MMA competition. This isn’t the first time McGregor has “retired.”

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