Thursday, August 18, 2022

Dana White Speaks On Mike Perry Incident: ‘He Obviously Needs Some Help’

UFC president Dana White has commented on the Mike Perry situation.

Video footage was captured of an incident involving Mike Perry at a bar/restaurant and it isn’t pretty. Perry argued with several people inside the establishment and even punched an older patron after being shoved. A police report revealed that witnesses claim Perry also punched a restaurant server in the eye after being asked to leave Table 82 in Lubbock, Texas. “Platinum” also allegedly struck a female who was identified as a friend of Latory Gonzalez, who is Perry’s girlfriend.

Dana White Says Mike Perry’s Behavior Isn’t Normal

The UFC issued a statement, announcing that Perry will not be offered fights until proper steps are taken once he has completed a treatment program for alcohol abuse. Speaking to reporters during a UFC 251 media scrum, White weighed in on Perry’s issues.

“He obviously needs some help. That’s not normal behavior. He’s gotten a lot more angry and agitated in the last, but you know, you see this happen with guys and girls when they start to get a little bit of fame and they start to get famous. I have a blast on social media. You see a lot of people that don’t have fun on social media. There’s some horrible things that have happened to people in dealing with social media, and everybody deals with it differently. I love criticism. I love, you know, whatever you wanna call it that goes on on social media between media, fans, and all that stuff. I’m just built that way. He is definitely not built that way and he’s definitely a guy that should probably stay off social media and needs to make a few changes in his life. We’re gonna do everything we can to help him.”

Perry wasn’t arrested at the scene but he was charged with Class A assault and misdemeanor. He must appear in court and potentially pay a $500 fine. The UFC welterweight may also face theft charges as he allegedly left Table 82 without paying.

While commenting on Perry’s situation, White also mentioned that he saw Perry’s issues getting worse over time. He pointed to media interviews “Platinum” had where he ripped media members and fans and threatened them to stay away from him in public.

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