Monday, August 8, 2022

Glory Kickboxing Goes Into Receivership, Not Bankruptcy as Initially Thought

Glory Kickboxing seems to be having financial trouble. While many reports emerged that the Dutch kickboxing promotion had filed for bankruptcy, TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter clarified that was not the case, which means the kickboxing promotion could still be around. 

Giovanni Tjin broke the news of their financial troubles early Friday that said Glory Managing Director of Sports Cor Hemmers had been fired along with news about the organization having to close their office in the Netherlands. In May, it was announced by Glory that Marshall Zelaznik had resigned from his role as Chief Executive Officer. 

Somehow, with the news from today bankruptcy was being reported but once word got around, it was made clear to Bronsteter that they had “gone into receivership and had not filed for bankruptcy yet.”

Apparently the promotion will go through some restructuring and find a way to resolve their issues. With the news out, it was also said an announcement with some clarification on their future is coming soon. 

Glory Kickboxing is home to what some would call the greatest strikers in combat sports. Rico Verhoeven, Nieky Holzken, Raymond Daniels, and many others have built their reputations in Glory and the sport of kickboxing. 

While some fighters have tested the waters in mixed martial arts, there is something to be said about mastering one of the many aspects of combat sports. Whether it be boxing kickboxing or even grappling for that matter, it would be sad to see any promotion under the combat sports banners fail.

Reports of troubles with Glory go as far back as last December, before the COVID 19 pandemic decimated the sports world. When the pandemic hit, they were forced to postponed Glory 78: Badr vs Benny. So if there was trouble before the pandemic, it likely only made things worse.

Hopefully things turn around. 

Are you worried about the future of Glory Kickboxing?

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