Friday, August 19, 2022

Roy Jones Jr. Says Mike Tyson Bout Was ‘Too Hard To Resist’

Roy Jones Jr. simply couldn’t pass up the chance to share the boxing ring with Mike Tyson.

Jones Jr. and Tyson are scheduled to collide in an eight-round exhibition match on Sept. 12. The bout will be featured on pay-per-view for $49.99. There will be no judges on hand for the match and the bout will be stopped if either boxer suffers a cut.

Roy Jones Jr. Didn’t Want To Miss Chance To Box Mike Tyson

Speaking to Mike Bohn of MMAJunkie, Jones Jr. explained how he was lured into taking the bout with “Iron” Mike.

“Too hard to resist, too incredible to resist, too much of a blessing to resist” Jones told MMA Junkie on Monday. “When I won the heavyweight title, I told them the only other person I would fight as a heavyweight was Mike Tyson. If Mike Tyson didn’t want to fight, I was going back down to light heavyweight. From what I got … was that he was through with boxing, he didn’t want to box no more, so I left and went back to light heavyweight. I didn’t stick around, but to have him come out now and say, ‘OK, I want to come back. Guess what? You wanted it, you get your opportunity.’ I’m like, ‘Yes.’”

Jones Jr. was last seen inside the boxing ring back in Feb. 2018. He defeated Scott Sigmon to capture the WBU (German version) cruiserweight title. Jones Jr. earned the win in his hometown of Pensacola, Florida.

As for Tyson, he last competed in the boxing ring back in 2006. He took on Corey Sanders in an exhibition bout. While no winner was determined, it was clear that Tyson got the better of his opponent on that night.

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