Thursday, August 11, 2022

UFC Champion Jon Jones Thinks He Beats Francis Ngannou If He Survives Opening Round

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones believes the key to defeating Francis Ngannou is surviving the first round.

Jones had been pushing for a heavyweight showdown with Ngannou. “Bones” and “The Predator” traded barbs on social media, teasing a potential matchup. Both were in agreement that pay bumps were in order. Jones ended up taking issue with the UFC as he claimed the promotion wouldn’t even entertain a pay raise.

Jon Jones Says He’d Beat Francis Ngannou If He Gets Past Round One

If the bout between Jones and Ngannou ever comes to fruition, “Bones” is confident in his ability to get the job done. Appearing on Wild Ride! w/ Steve-O, Jones said he thinks the Ngannou bout is his for the taking if he can survive the opening frame (h/t

“Francis Ngannou is dangerous, yes, and I believe he has a chance to knock me the f**k out. Let’s say that out loud,” he explained. “But, if I don’t get knocked out, I believe I win that fight. I just have to get through round one and I win that fight.”

Jones is currently at a standstill with the UFC brass. He and UFC president Dana White were involved in a heated verbal spat with White saying Jones has done plenty to tarnish his own legacy. “Bones” fired back by threatening to vacate the UFC light heavyweight title and sit at home until he’s given a satisfactory offer.

It’s gotten to the point where Jones has claimed he’s willing to sit out multiple years until the UFC makes changes. The 205-pound ruler has expressed his belief that the promotion has been ripping him off throughout the years. Whether or not Jones and the UFC can come to terms remains to be seen.

MMA News will keep you posted with the latest updates on the fighting future of Jon Jones as they become available.

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