Thursday, August 18, 2022

UFC Welterweight Anthony Rocco Martin Details Knee Infection

UFC welterweight Anthony Rocco Martin is dealing with a nasty knee infection that has spread.

Following his unanimous decision loss to Neil Magny back in June at UFC 250, Martin underwent a knee scope. This isn’t unusual for any athlete and it is actually routine. Things didn’t go so well for Martin a little over two weeks later, however.

Anthony Rocco Martin Discusses Infection Following Knee Scope

Speaking to, Martin discussed just how painful his knee has felt due to the infection.

“I made some calls to take my mind off it and I had a couple drinks to try to get the pain to go away. The pain was not going away and it was just getting worse. So about 3:30 in the morning, I couldn’t sleep and it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I wouldn’t wish pain like this on anybody. I took an Uber to the ER because I couldn’t even drive or bend my leg, went in and they said I definitely have an infection.”

When Martin arrived at the ER, he had a 103-degree fever and “severe redness” around his knee. He ended up undergoing surgery and had his knee cleaned out. Unfortunately for Martin, he remains in the hospital as the infection has spread up his leg. He is currently on morphine and Lortabs to deal with the “extreme pain.”

Martin says the next step will see him placed on an invasive IV. He’ll have to go on antibiotics for four to six weeks. The situation is being monitored closely by doctors. Martin admits that it’s a stressful time for him.

MMA News will keep you posted on the health of Anthony Rocco Martin as time progresses.

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