Thursday, July 7, 2022

Anderson Silva Says Uriah Hall Fight Is Likely His Last

It appears Anderson Silva’s legendary career is about to come to a close.

Silva is one of the best fighters to ever compete and widely considered the greatest middleweight of all-time. The Brazilian is now 45-years-old and set to headline a Halloween event against Uriah Hall.

It is a very interesting matchup and ahead of it, Dana White said it would be the Brazilian’s final fight. For Silva, he says this is likely the last time he will be making the walk to the Octagon.

“Maybe this is my last fight,” Silva said to ESPN. “That’s why I’m training hard every day, doing my best. My whole team has come to help me. Everybody is in quarantine to start training. I’m very excited, because I think this is my last performance inside the cage, for my fans. We’ll see.”

For Anderson Silva, who is just 1-6 and one no-contest in his last eight believes he is still one of the best. He also knows that a fairytale ending would be reclaiming his belt and then riding off on top. Unfortunately, he doubts that will happen.

“The good story is Anderson Silva fights again for the belt and wins, and then is done — but that’s a script, you can’t do this in real life,” Silva said. “I’m excited to continue working, doing something special. This fight will help me create something huge inside my mind for my fans, my legacy.”

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