Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bruce Buffer Forecasts How Much Longer He’ll Be UFC Announcer

If you can’t imagine the UFC without Bruce Buffer opening and closing the fight action, you won’t have to any time soon.

Since 1996, Bruce Buffer has been the primary ring announcer for the UFC. With every passing year, he has become more and more embedded into the DNA of the promotion with his electrifying voice and wardrobe.

What always shines through whenever Bruce Buffer is holding a microphone is his natural enthusiasm and love for what he does, attributes that are still intact nearly 25 years after his debut.

“I always give 150 percent every time I walk into the Octagon. I’ve said it many times, every time I walk out on Saturday, those are the nights I have to prove I deserve the job.” Buffer said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “When I am there with no audiences with two great warriors in Stipe and DC, even when there are 50 thousand people in an arena, when the introduction happens it is just me and the fighter. Just enhance the moment.”

Bruce Buffer has been enhancing moments around the world now for decades, which begs the question, how much longer will he remain the voice of the Octagon? Well, for at least one more decade, Buffer forecasts.

“I’m very humble about it all. I’m all about passion, everything I do is with a passion that is the reason why I announce the way I do,” Bruce Buffer said. “When that passion starts to fade, which is not my case, then yes that is the time I will probably announce it is my time to retire. But, I would say you are stuck with me for at least another 10 years. I’m in great shape and stay in great shape. I’m lucky to do what I do.”

Buffer credits his longevity to being smart and cautious with his voice, including abstaining from activities that could be harmful to the throat, such as smoking. For that reason, among others, Buffer is still going strong at 63 years old and expects that to still be the case at 73 … and maybe even beyond.

What are your thoughts on Bruce Buffer intending to remain the primary UFC ring announcer for at least another 10 years?

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