Thursday, August 11, 2022

Daniel Cormier Says Fight With Miocic at UFC 252 is About Legacy

Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic will face each other soon at UFC 252. They are 1-1 against one another and both men, while holding UFC gold have already made history in their time as champions. With this likely being Cormier’s last fight, he is putting himself through one of the most grueling training camps of his career.

Cormier said as much to TMZ Sports, “This training camp has been so grueling, it’s been so tough.” Cormier recalled doing three training camps a year previously in his career and said, “it didn’t feel like this.” He said, “I’m 41 years old now and my mind seems to want to go to other places at times.”

TMZ Sports

The former UFC heavyweight and light-heavyweight champ admit that age can be a part of it, but also the unique preparations this time due to COVID-19. Cormier calling fights with the UFC and seeing the precautions being made has taken the “bubble” method into his own camp. Since it seems the safest way to keep sports moving forward.

Cormier said, “For the majority of this camp, I’ve been staying at my old house.” With a child on the way and his wife and kids at home, he wants to take every precaution. He has the support of his family because, for Cormier, this fight at UFC 252 is about legacy. His family supports his commitment because, “They understand that what I’m trying to do here, is so special,” Cormier said.

So what is he trying to do? If Cormier wins, he said that would make him “The greatest heavyweight the UFC has ever seen.” He added, “This is a true legacy fight. You know people don’t like to talk about legacy all the time. It’s a legacy fight in its purest form.”

With his Olympic, Strikeforce, and UFC career, Cormier may have already cemented his legacy but one more wouldn’t hurt.

Do you agree with Cormier about UFC 252 being about legacy?

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