Thursday, July 7, 2022

Georges St-Pierre Believes UFC ‘Surely Don’t Want Me To Run Away With The Lightweight Belt’

Georges St-Pierre doubts the UFC will make the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight.

For months now, both St-Pierre and Nurmagomedov have expressed interest in a potential fight. Yet, the UFC has been reluctant to do it leaving the Canadian to retire from the sport.

Despite him retiring, the interest is still there and the former welterweight and middleweight champion admits he still trains hard but doubts the UFC will make the fight.

“It’s tempting, and I still train hard,” St-Pierre said to BT Sport. “Now, it’s COVID, so it’s illegal to train combat sports here. I train hard, and I feel I’m at my best. But the fighter is always the last one to find out when your time is up. I don’t know.

“It takes three parties to make a fight: It takes one opponent, another opponent, and the organization. And I don’t know if the organization would want that. I run away with welterweight, I run away with the middleweight. They surely don’t want me to run away with the lightweight (belt). And I’m 39 years old. I don’t think I could go to 155 [pounds] without my performance being compromised.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov is set to defend his lightweight belt against Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 in October. He has mentioned he wants to retire at 30-0 with his 30th fight being against St-Pierre.

So, perhaps if the lightweight champ defeats Gaethje the promotion will make the fight.

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