Friday, August 19, 2022

Jordan Leavitt Unsure When He Will Make UFC Debut After DWCS Win

Jordan Leavitt is the newest lightweight on the UFC roster.

Leavitt scored a first-round submission win over Luke Flores on episode 27 of the Contender Series. Yet, what surprised many is the fact it was Flores who initiated the exchange for the fight to hit the mat, as Leavitt is the jiu-jitsu guy.

So, Leavitt admits that threw him off but decided to stick with it and got the submission win.

“I thought I was falling for a trap. He jumped for a triangle and I’m like this has to be a trap maybe I should stand up. I slammed him and realized it wasn’t a trap,” Leavitt said to MMANews. “I think maybe he was looking for a way out or maybe he thought he could tap me from his back. It was a tactical error and I’m glad he made it.”

Although Jordan Leavitt had success in the fight at lightweight, he has fought at featherweight on the regional scenes. But, after some botched weight cuts, he believes he will be a lightweight for good.

“I’m 155 forever. I felt like a gorilla out there, like I felt strong and weighed like 179 on fight night,” he explained. “I’d rather just be the best fighter I can be and take care of my body.”

For now, Leavitt is still soaking in the emotions of getting a UFC deal. He doesn’t have a name in mind for his debut but hopes it happens in the next couple of weeks. But, he says if that doesn’t come to fruition he won’t make his debut until 2021.

“So, either in the next eight weeks and that way I can stay in camp or four or five months from now. I had some weight cut complications last year and I have been in camp and haven’t had the time to put on muscle. If I don’t get a fight in the next two months then I will lift some weights and take advantage of the resources of the PI. So, either right away or next year.”

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