Sunday, August 7, 2022

Leon Edwards Challenges Jorge Masvidal To A Street Fight

Leon Edwards is done waiting for Jorge Masvidal, even if that means taking it to the streets.

It is well known that Leon Edwards was on the receiving end of an unwanted three-piece and a soda last year at the hands of Jorge Masvidal. Since then, Edwards has wanted to give Masvidal a receipt for his service.

Masvidal has expressed a disinterest in fighting Edwards in a formal capacity, though, so Edwards took to Twitter to let “Gamebred” know that he’s done waiting. 

“I’m ranked above and heading for my 9th win in a row so you know it gets you closer to the title beating me. But keep hiding behind the ‘it does nothing for us’ excuse you and your whole bitch made team keep using cus you know ill fuck you up.”

Leon Edwards tweeted these comments in response to comments Jorge Masvidal made at the UFC 251 post-fight press conference, where he stated he would face whoever makes sense and gets him closer to the title. But “Rocky” wasn’t quite finished.

“Has everyone realised the whole street jesus hard man shit  was all just marketing yet? and @GamebredFighter is actually a shit journeyman? or people still think hes (sic) good?”

After referencing the streets, Edwards suggested that Jorge Masvidal make good on his reputation as a legendary streetfighter if he is unwilling to fight him inside the Octagon.

“Fuck it Jorge lets fight, no money,  mutual location, film it, bang it on YouTube, public will see your (sic) a pussy #letsgetit”

Most recently, Jorge Masvidal unsuccessfully challenged Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship at UFC 251. Leon Edwards last fought in July of 2019 in a unanimous decision victory over Rafael dos Anjos. If Jorge Masvidal takes Edwards’ invitation seriously and calls his bluff, Edwards’ Octagon layoff may be extended in lieu of a good ol’ fashioned streetlight.

What do you make of Leon Edwards’ “challenge” to fight Jorge Masvidal in the streets?

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