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Mike Tyson Responds To George Foreman’s Concern Over Roy Jones Jr. Bout

Mike Tyson has responded to the concerns of fellow boxing legend George Foreman.

Tyson is scheduled to take on Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition bout. The matchup will take place on Sept. 12. The rules state that there will be no judges and the fight will be stopped if one of the boxers suffers a cut.

Mike Tyson Speaks On George Foreman’s Concerns

Foreman recently told TMZ that he is concerned about Tyson and Jones Jr. fighting at their ages. Tyson is 54 years old, while Jones Jr. is 51. TMZ asked Tyson about Foreman’s concerns and he said the following (h/t

“I don’t know, he wasn’t worried about getting hurt when he went on his tour of coming back and fighting, so don’t worry about us,” Tyson said. “Tell George I love him for caring.”

“The fighting game is what I’m about and hurting people is what I’m about. I’m not concerned [about getting hurt], we’re both professionals, we know how to handle ourselves, and whatever happens, happens.”

Tyson hasn’t been in the boxing ring since 2006. He took on Corey Sanders in an exhibition bout. There were no judges for that fight either but Tyson clearly had the edge all night and looked sharper than he had in his final two pro boxing bouts.

As for Jones Jr., his last pro boxing match was back in 2018. He defeated Scott Sigmon to capture the WBU (German version) cruiserweight title. Jones Jr. said he couldn’t pass up the chance at sharing the boxing ring with Tyson. He has compared himself to David and Tyson to Goliath in the lead-up to their showdown.

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