Monday, May 16, 2022

Pedro Munhoz Demands Frankie Edgar Rematch from Dana White

Pedro Munhoz believes that a rematch is in order following his narrow decision loss to Frankie Edgar at UFC on ESPN 15, and he demands that UFC boss Dana White make it happen.

In the UFC on ESPN 15 main event, Pedro Munhoz and Frankie Edgar partook in a back-and-forth battle that was seemingly anybody’s guess as to who would be the judges’ victor. Pedro Munhoz would vehemently disagree with this and believes that there was one clear winner of the bout, and it was not the man whose arm was raised that night. After venting immediately following the loss, Pedro Munhoz has neither cooled down nor moved on. Munhoz took to Instagram Monday to simultaneously make a case for why he was the rightful winner of Saturday’s main event while also lobbying for an immediate rematch.

“I’ve always done my talking in the octagon but this needs to be said. I work too hard to get screwed by poor judges who have no training and even less accountability. Look at the stats and the damage. Look at the 17 of 20 media sites who agreed I won, 7 of which had it 49-46. Tell me how the deciding judge gave round 3 to Frankie. He’s a legend, but I won that fight and want a rematch now @danawhite,” Munhoz posted.

Pedro Munhoz has been respectful to Frankie Edgar throughout his venting, but he finds the result impossible to stomach nonetheless. Perhaps the fact that this is the second consecutive decision loss for Munhoz only stokes the flames of frustration inside the Brazilian. Perhaps Munhoz will be eying the KO more than usual in his next outing to avoid leaving his fate to others, including UFC president Dana White.

Do you think Dana White might grant Pedro Munhoz a rematch against Frankie Edgar?

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