Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ranked Middleweight Urges Chris Weidman to Stop Handpicking Fights

Marvin Vettori is frustrated with fellow middleweight Chris Weidman, who Vettori feels is hiding from a fight against him.

Following Chris Weidman’s victory in his return to middleweight against Omar Akhmedov at UFC on ESPN+ 32, Weidman hardly had enough time to hit the showers before being called out by #15 middleweight Marvin Vettori. More than two weeks have passed, and Vettori is still eager to fight Chris Weidman. And much to his chagrin, he is still waiting for Weidman to accept (via MMA Junkie):

“I saw his last performance. He finally got a win, and he’s really picking and choosing opponents,” Vettori said of Weidman. “He’s been hiding already. I mean, this thing is whack. How is a former champ with such a reputation coming back, had a weak win – I call it weak because it wasn’t a very dominant performance at all. It was sloppy, he lost the second round bad.

“Weidman won this fight, and he’s kind of relevant again, and I want to fight him. I mean, he’s a former champ. I want my name on his record. I think this fight makes a lot of sense, and if I win, I go up in the rankings. If he wins, he goes way up in the rankings, and it makes sense for both of us.”

Chris Weidman Already Expressed Disinterest In Fighting Vettori

As aggravated as Marvin Vettori is at Chris Weidman’s absence at the contract table, it isn’t as if the former middleweight champion has not been upfront with Vettori. The two recently shared a Twitter exchange, where Weidman dictated to Vettori to defeat someone in the top 15 before he considers fighting him.

Marvin Vettori seems to have shrugged off that advice and gone right back Chris Weidman’s trail. Vettori believes that despite Weidman being ranked ahead of him, the fact that Weidman is only 2-5 in his last 7 fights is what makes the fight mutually beneficial. Because should Weidman win, he will crack the top 10 and be on a winning streak. And for Vettori, a win over Chris Weidman would look good on his résumé while potentially moving him into the top 10 in the middleweight rankings.

Do you think a fight between Marvin Vettori and Chris Weidman makes sense right now?

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