Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Roy Jones Jr Happy With New Terms For November Date with Mike Tyson

Roy Jones Jr was not happy about the new November date with Mike Tyson. The two heavyweights were originally scheduled to face one another on September 12 but promoters decided to move the event to later this year on November 28. Jones’ who retired from boxing in 2018, did not like the change.

The holiday weekend might be a better market to sell the pay-per-view but that did not translate well to how it would serve Jones’ interests. Jones said, “I’ve had to cancel other stuff to be out here, it’s upset my calendar, I’ve got to change things.” Jones retired from boxing and put other ventures on pause to resume a training camp to face Tyson. 

Jones elaborated, “That’s the biggest issue, I’m not a full-time boxer anymore so I do other things to make an income. If I can’t do other things then I should be compensated for that, because it changes the schematics. It’s not acceptable.” Apparently, this was understood and new terms were agreed upon.

The day after Jones voiced his concerns it seems that new terms were presented and Jones accepted. Jones made it known to Fight Hype in a post on their YouTube channel where he said, “ I ain’t no fool and I’m not going to be treated like one. But, since we got stuff together now, come November 28, I get to act a fool.” What Jones means by that is he’s on board with the new date. The post also features Jones training for the bout which can be seen below:

Jones said, “They gave me new terms, a new date, and a new chance to act a fool which is what I wanted to do anyway.” 

It looks like Thanksgiving weekend has it’s boxing match set, for now. Who do you like in this matchup?

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