Friday, August 19, 2022

Roy Jones Jr. Threatens To Pull Out Of Mike Tyson Boxing Match

Roy Jones Jr. finds the delay with his bout against Mike Tyson to be unacceptable.

Jones Jr. and Tyson were scheduled to compete in an exhibition boxing match on Sept. 12. The bout has been pushed back to Nov. 28. While Tyson has said the move could allow for more marketing opportunities, Jones Jr. isn’t happy with the change.

Roy Jones Jr. Not Happy With Mike Tyson Bout Being Delayed

Daily Mail caught up with Jones Jr., who expressed his gripes with the change in date for his showdown with Tyson.

“I’ve had to cancel other stuff to be out here, it’s upset my calendar, I’ve got to change things,” he explained.

“That’s why we have to table bulls**t now. That’s the biggest issue, I’m not a full-time boxer anymore so I do other things to make an income. If I can’t do other things then I should be compensated for that, because it changes the schematics. It’s not acceptable.’”

The boxing legend went on to say that if things aren’t hashed out soon, he will pull out of the fight. Whether or not Jones Jr. will get what he’s looking for remains to be seen. While the boxing return of Mike Tyson is likely to draw no matter who the opponent is, Jones Jr. certainly brings in viewers as well and many feel he’ll be competitive at the very least.

If Tyson vs. Jones Jr. takes place as planned, it’ll be an eight-round exhibition match. There will be no judges and the fight will be stopped if anyone suffers a cut.

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