Monday, August 15, 2022

St-Pierre Reflects On Most Humiliating Moment of His Career

The biggest asterisk on Georges St-Pierre’s MMA record is the very thing that contributed most to his greatness according to the Hall of Famer.

To this day, Matt Serra’s victory over Georges St-Pierre at UFC 69 remains the biggest upset in UFC history in the eyes of many. St-Pierre entered the bout as a monstrous -1300 favorite, but much to the utter shock and awe of spectators, Serra would not only score the upset, he would finish GSP in the very first round via TKO. Looking back on the experience, St-Pierre believes that he needed that loss to make him the all-time great he became (h/t Bloody Elbow):

“There is a saying that nothing can make you weaker than a victory, and it’s true. That’s what happened when I beat Matt Hughes,” St-Pierre told BT Sport. “My loss [against Serra] made me much stronger because I learned from it, but my victory weakened me. I was the new face of the UFC, I was young and I was the guy who just beat Matt Hughes. Everyone saw in me an aura of invincibility, and I started to believe in it.”

No doubt, St-Pierre’s loss to Serra was a humbling experience. It was also an emotional one due to the disappointment GSP felt for himself and those who believed in him.

“It was the most humiliating thing in my career,” St-Pierre said. “I felt I let down everybody, even though it turned out to be a positive experience because it made me who I am today, a much better fighter and martial artist.”

Georges St-Pierre would win the rematch against Serra at UFC 83 and not lose again in his UFC career, setting a welterweight title defense record that stands strong to this day.

How much do you believe Georges St-Pierre’s loss to Matt Serra at UFC 69 shaped his legacy?

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