Tuesday, August 9, 2022

UFC President Dana White Now Fully Supportive Of Mike Tyson’s Exhibition Bout

UFC president Dana White was once against the boxing return of Mike Tyson but now he’s on board.

White and Tyson have built a strong bond over the past few years. Tyson, who is a boxing Hall of Famer, hasn’t been shy in his fandom for MMA. Tyson often attends MMA events and when he appears at UFC shows, he’s often mingling with the fighters and White.

Dana White Supports Mike Tyson’s Return To Boxing

Tyson is scheduled to take on Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition bout on Sept. 12. Speaking to reporters during a media scrum, White said he will be flying out to watch Tyson hit the pads and he is fully supportive of the fight (via MMAFighting).

“I’m flying out probably next week to watch him train,” White told reporters on Friday.

“I’m excited for [Tyson],” White added “He says he’s got that fire, he wants to fight, he wants this, Jones wants it, they’re grown men – I’m 100 percent supportive.”

Before Tyson vs. Jones Jr. was announced, White said he would try to convince “Iron” Mike not to fight again. The UFC boss expressed concern due to Tyson’s age, 54. Eventually, White said that Tyson told him this is something he wants to do.

When Tyson shares the boxing ring with Jones Jr., it’ll be his first bout since 2006. The former undisputed heavyweight champion took on Corey Sanders in an exhibition matchup that had no judges. No winner was determined but Tyson was clearly the better man on that night.

Tyson vs. Jones Jr. is scheduled to air live on PPV. The asking price is $49.99. There will be no judges for the fight and the bout will be stopped if either boxer suffers a cut.

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