Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Alistair Overeem Would Be “Honored” To Face Jon Jones, Doesn’t Care About Brock Lesnar

Alistair Overeem will face Augusto Sakai in the main event of UFC Las Vegas 9 tomorrow night. At a pre-event media scrum, Overeem discussed the possibility of a fight at heavyweight against Jon Jones and a possible rematch with former opponent and recent free agent, Brock Lesnar. Overeem expressed enthusiasm for possibly facing Jon Jones but doubts that Lesnar will return to MMA.

“Yes, I would do it,” said Overeem when asked about a fight against Jones. “I think it would be a great fight. I would feel honored.”

Overeem continued to say he feels Jones would be a great addition to the division.

“I think it’s a great addition to the heavyweight division,” Overeem continued. “I’m actually excited. Fresh blood. I’ve trained with him, he’s very capable. He’s tough, he’s good. So I’m excited about that development.”

As far as Brock Lesnar, however, Overeem doesn’t believe the former UFC Heavyweight Champion will return to the sport. He spoke to TMZ recently about Lesnar.

“I beat him up,” Overeem said. “So if somebody wants a rematch, it would be him. I already did it. Why would I chase him? Who cares about Brock? Which fans? He’s not coming back.”

Overeem continued to talk about why he feels Lesnar is not coming back to the sport.

“He’s 43 years old, he’s flunked tests, it’s over with him. He’s not coming back. Last time the waived the testing for him and still he got into trouble. It’s been a debacle. He’s not gonna come back. Listen, if he does, all hats off to him, but I don’t think he’s gonna come back.” 

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