Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Artem Lobov Expects To Fight For Two More Years

Artem Lobov believes he has two years left of fighting.

Lobov is a fan-favorite and after his UFC stint had a few fights in Bare Knuckle FC. Although Lobov has made this a successful career, he did not expect fighting to become his full-time job.

“I never thought that this was going to be my career,” Lobov said on Monday’s episode of “Hablemos MMA.” “I was working at a bank, and I thought I was going to do finance and business. I would fight because that’s what I liked doing, and it was my passion. And after I got the opportunity to make some money and charge for my fighting, something I liked doing very much, then I thought, ‘Of course, why not make it a career?’ But I never ever thought of this.”

Although Artem Lobov is 34, he says he still is young in his fighting career but wants to be there for his family so will only fight for two more years.

“I started very late; I was 21 when I started fighting in MMA, so I’m still very young in MMA,” Lobov said. “I see myself fighting two more years, and that’s it.

“Well, that’s what I want, but the truth is that fighters stay in the sport longer than they should because when you start, they pay you say $100, $200, and when you’re older, you might be a little past your time, (but) people offer you $100,000 for a fight, so of course you’re going to say, ‘Yes.’ That’s the difficult part. For me, I have a son now, and I want to be a good father. I want to have good health, so I think two more years and that’s it.”

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