Sunday, August 7, 2022

Colby Covington Praises Dana White For Not Silencing Fighters

Colby Covington has nothing but praise for UFC president, Dana White for not silencing fighters.

Covington had some controversial post-fight comments following his win over Tyron Woodley. After the press conference, many fans had called him a racist and for the UFC to do something about it. Yet, White said he would not be silencing his fighter which had nothing but praise for the former interim welterweight champion.

“That’s what I love most about Dana White and the UFC as a whole because they don’t limit their fighters freedom of speech and they don’t take away our rights,” Covington said to Submission Radio (via LowKickMMA). “They let us be who we wanna be. There’s nothing that I said that was racist and there’s nothing that I did that was racist. End of story. Next question.”

Colby Covington has not been shy to say what he wants during any UFC media event or his own interviews. He has been open about his love for Donald Trump and MAGA which has turned many fans away. Yet, it appears White will not be silencing any fighter for speaking their mind and sharing their thoughts.

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