Sunday, August 14, 2022

Diego Sanchez Lets Go Of Dream Of Becoming UFC Champion

Diego Sanchez is now adopting a more carefree approach to the remainder of his fighting career, one that will allow him to enjoy the moment and release the self-imposed pressure.

This Saturday at UFC 253, Diego Sanchez will be facing a fellow UFC veteran but one who is 12 years his junior, Jake Matthews. Sanchez expected to be facing ranked opponents on his way to fulfilling what he believed to be his destiny of becoming a UFC champion and maybe becoming the greatest fighter of all time, but these dreams have yet to come to fruition. As a result, the 38-year-old believes it is time to let them go.

“I’m bringing a new mindset to fighting, life and everything,” Sanchez said during UFC 253 media day. “I’ve let go all those dreams of becoming a UFC champion. I’m just here to enjoy the experience and finish out these four fights on legendary status. I’m trying to go out as good as I came in if not better.”

Diego Sanchez Enjoys The Free Space Outside the Box

Some may question what led to Diego Sanchez’s decision to move on from his UFC championship aspirations. After all, he has won three of his last four fights, with the lone loss coming to a top-10 welterweight in Michael Chiesa. Sanchez believes that by releasing the burden he placed on his own destiny, he can be free to enjoy wherever his future takes him.

“It’s just a removal of an invisible pressure I might’ve put on myself,” Sanchez said. “It was something that was self created in believing that it was my destiny to become a UFC champion. Now, I’ve removed that pressure and I’m just doing my thing, man. I’m just doing my thing, doing it my way outside the box.

How do you envision Diego Sanchez’s UFC run coming to an end?

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