Friday, August 19, 2022

Jon Jones vs. Israel Adesanya Odds Differ Widely Across Sportsbooks

How big of a favorite is Jon Jones over Israel Adesanya? Well, that depends on whom you ask.

Talks of a potential Jon Jones vs. Israel Adesanya bout began to quiet down somewhat leading up to UFC 253, with Jones announcing a move up to heavyweight and all eyes and minds being focused on the showdown between Adesanya and Costa, but that all changed when Jones reignited those talks after the pay per view. 

When Israel Adesanya expressed uncertainty on when a fight between himself and Jon Jones would take place, Jones took exception to Adesanya’s noncommitting rhetoric and once again challenged Adesanya for a fight. This callout has yet to be met with a response from the middleweight champion, but sportsbooks have reacted…and in very different ways.

According to, Jones would be a slim favorite over Israel Adesanya at -150 with the comeback on Adesanya being +130. This means to win $100 on Jones, you would have to bet $150, and if you were to bet $100 on an Adesanya victory, that would earn you $130 in winnings.

Meanwhile, another respected sportsbook, Bovada, currently has Jones as a large -375 favorite over Adesanya, which is closer to the norm of what a Jon Jones betting line has looked at throughout his career. may be putting a lot of stock into Israel Adesanya’s dominant UFC 253 performance contrasted with Jon Jones’s recent struggles while Bovada could be considering the weight differential, MMA experience, and wrestling credentials. But that, just as whether or not the fight will even happen, is mere speculation.

Jon Jones’s next fight is unannounced while Israel Adesanya is likely to face the winner of Robert Whittaker vs. Jared Cannonier, which is scheduled to take place at UFC 254.

What do YOU think the odds should look like for a potential Jon Jones vs. Israel Adesanya fight?

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