Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Kevin Lee Doubts Michael Chandler Will Fare Well In The UFC

UFC lightweight contender, Kevin Lee doesn’t think former Bellator champion, Michael Chandler will fare well in the UFC.

Dana White announced the former champion signed with the UFC on Thursday and would serve as the backup fighter for the title fight. Yet, for Lee, he believes this is a chance for White to trash Bellator.

“I expected them to sign Chandler,” Lee said on SiriusXM’s Fight Nation (via MMAFighting). “It seemed like he was kinda getting over Bellator and he’s a competitor, so he probably actually wanted to really test himself. But the fact that they’re trying to making him the backup for Gaethje vs. Khabib, I don’t really get that. I think that’s a way for them to try and sh*t on Bellator again, you know. It’s like, ‘OK let’s throw him in there with Khabib right out of the gate so Khabib can whoop his ass and now I can sh*t on Scott Coker just a little bit more and make him look a little worse.”

For Kevin Lee, he doubts Michael Chandler will stand a chance against Khabib Nurmagomedov but Lee would take the fight against the former champion.

“Against Gaethje he might stand a chance, but against Khabib he’s just way too small,” Lee said. “I think Chandler’s way too small for this whole division. I actually hope he gets the fight. Then once he loses, then it might be him in the middle of next year. You never know how things are going to play out. I’ve been looking at Chandler for a long-ass time. That’s going to be a good fight.”

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