Friday, July 1, 2022

Khama Worthy Plans To Push Ottman Azaitar ‘To A Dark Place’ To Hand Him His First Loss

Khama Worthy got his wish.

Following Worthy’s win over Luis Pena, he called out the undefeated Ottman Azaitar. They were booked to fight on the canceled UFC 249 card so he wanted to finish what he started and share the Octagon with him.

“We already prepared for this and it is a fun fight. I think it is a fun fight and I like to finish things I started,” Worthy said to MMANews. “We were in camp for him for three months, it is f****g forever. This time around it is a little shorter but we just pick up where we left off, get all the information and go.”

Entering this fight, Worthy is coming off back-to-back upset wins over Devonte Smith and Luis Pena and has a lot of hype surrounding him. As for Azaitar, he is undefeated and coming off a highlight-reel knockout in his UFC debut.

Yet, for Worthy, he doesn’t put much stock into Azaitar’s undefeated record as he thinks that just means no one has pushed him as he will.

“F**k yes. His 0 must go, dog. I’m really looking forward to going out there push him to the place he has never been to,” he explained. “If he is undefeated, that means he hasn’t been pushed to a dark place so I look forward to being the first person to put him there.”

The two will also be the co-main event of the UFC Vegas 10 card. Many people are picking this to be the Fight of the Night given both men like to stand and bang. Yet, for Khama Worthy, he is expecting Azaitar to shoot on him eventually as his striking frustrates everyone he fights.

“Once you get in there with me and start striking with me you realize I don’t have a lot of power. I don’t hit hard, I just hit weird. I’m weird,” Worthy said. “Everything I do is awkward and broken rhythm. Ottman hits hard, he has pure raw power but it is very traditional and basic. It is dangerous, but it is basic. When people get in there with me I make them feel uncomfortable. I guarantee everyone I fight will shoot come the second round.”

Should Khama Worthy get his hand raised and go 3-0, a ranked opponent could be next. Although everyone wants to get a number beside their name, Worthy has a different approach.

Instead of fighting a ranked opponent he makes it clear he will only be fighting people making around the same money as he is. So, don’t expect Worthy to be calling any ranked guy out until he gets a pay raise.

“I’m not fighting ranked guys until I’m making ranked guy money. F**k that, I’m not fighting a ranked guy on my first contract I think it is stupid, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. If they give me a pay raise then yeah,” Khama Worthy concluded. “I’m making 16 and 16 thousand, so I’m not going to be fighting someone making like 100 and 100 just because I want the name. This is a business, if you fight a ranked guy, you are going to get f****d up. Look at Poirier-Hooker, both went to the hospital. I can’t be fighting those type of fights and not getting paid like them. I’m just fighting people around my pay grade.”

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